Our mission revolves around utilizing the transformative potential of data to combat workplace fatalities, promote sustainability, and create a safer world.
Despite advancements in 2020, workplace accidents still claim lives, emphasizing the need for effective data-driven management. ADAM plays a crucial role in assisting organizations in harnessing their data for improved safety and outcomes.

ADAM leverages data as a powerful tool to save lives, improves workplace safety, and promotes societal well-being through sustainability and fostering a culture of care and responsibility in global organizations.

Under the banner of “SAVING LIVES,” we set forth a compelling vision:

1. Reducing Injury Rates: Our foremost goal is to minimize workplace injuries, ensuring that each worker returns home safely to their loved ones.

2. Cost Reduction: Workplace incidents not only lead to human suffering but also carry substantial financial burdens. By preventing these incidents, we help organizations reduce both direct and indirect costs, mitigating the impact on their bottom line.

3. Protecting Stock Value: Workplace accidents can tarnish a company’s reputation and adversely affect its stock value. We strive to safeguard and enhance the value of organizations by proactively addressing safety concerns.

4. Lowering Insurance Premiums: Through effective risk reduction and management, our data-driven approach aids organizations in decreasing their insurance premiums, delivering tangible financial benefits.

5. Understanding Incident Dynamics: We provide organizations with a deeper understanding of the dynamics surrounding workplace incidents. This knowledge empowers them to develop more robust prevention strategies.

6. Demonstrating Care: Beyond statistics and numbers, we emphasize the importance of showing genuine care for workers. This commitment to their well-being goes beyond compliance; it fosters a culture of responsibility and empathy.

7. Cultivating Company Culture: Workplace safety isn’t just about policies; it’s about the culture that permeates an organization. We aim to enhance company culture by prioritizing safety and well-being.

8. Informed Investments: Armed with data-driven insights, organizations gain clarity regarding their investment needs for preventive measures, personal protective equipment (PPE), and other safety initiatives. This ensures that resources are allocated wisely.


Michele Villa
Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer

Michele has more then 30 years experience providing environmental health & safety and social impact consulting services to the oil & gas, mining, manufacturing and public services sectors across Europe and Australia.

Danilo Bucchieri
Founding Partner and Chief Strategies Officer

Danilo is an expert in the development of innovative ITC enterprises, with a particular experience in strategies and in the development in international markets.

Paolo Baroni
Partner and Chief Research & Development Officer

Paolo is an applied mathematics specialist with 15 years of experience in several domains with a focus on R&D.
Professor in Advanced Corporate Finance at LUISS University.

Alberto Rosso
Partner and Health & Safety Technical Director

Alberto has more than 20 years experience providing environmental health & safety and social impact consulting services to the construction, energy, mining, manufacturing and public services sectors across Europe and Africa. Hi is an environmental scientist, industrial expert and cognitive psychologist.

Emanuele Balistreri
Managing Director

Emanuele has 25 years’ experience in the ICT sector as Executive,  Managing Director and CEO of multinational companies.

Gianmario Cereda

Gianmario has 30 years’ experience in developing software application for industry and finance sectors.

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