Alternative DAta Management

In today's digital era, the challenge lies in effectively utilizing the vast amounts of data organizations collect. From stakeholder interactions to environmental impact assessments, the data range is extensive.

ADAM (Alternative Data Management) specializes in transforming this data into life-saving solutions. We're not just about data – we're about making a difference. Using advanced Artificial Intelligence, ADAM develops predictive tools aimed at preventing negative events before they occur.

Our approach? Simple yet innovative. We craft risk profiling solutions that create indices. These indices, upon reaching certain alert thresholds, recommend proactive measures. The result is not only incident prevention but also heightened risk awareness.


Risk Profiling Tool

Traditional risk tools offer static assessments, grounded in historical data and standard risk matrices. PRESTO, however, revolutionizes this approach. Our dynamic system doesn't just understand risk; it predicts and prescribes. By analyzing a myriad of factors influencing risk levels, PRESTO shifts from mere prediction to actionable prescription.
At its core, PRESTO focuses on individual Occupational Health and Safety risks, leveraging machine learning to integrate a variety of data points. This includes historical incidents, employee training records, tenure, and even real-time factors like weather conditions, physical wellness (monitored via wearables), and social media activities.
PRESTO's innovation lies in its ability to quantify risk through a numerical index. When risk levels cross a predetermined threshold, it triggers alerts and suggests preventive measures, thereby mitigating high-risk scenarios before they escalate.

Risk-Based Activity Management

AI-Powered Risk Assessment and Action Enablement

Analyzes a wide range of factors, including worker conditions, weather, state of mind tracked through social media, supervisor pressures, organizational safety culture and management systems, financial health, distractions, team interaction, and other relevant elements, to predict and prevent workplace incidents.

Data-Driven Insights: Uncovering Incident Root Cause

Utilizes extensive data analysis, combining structured information from safety incident databases, unstructured text data analysis, and real-time data from wearables and sensors to identify patterns that provide insights into the root causes of incidents.

Identifying Critical Incident Patterns: Insights from Experience

Drawing from extensive incident investigations and partner experience, there is a recognition of specific patterns where the simultaneous occurrence of certain attributes and conditions significantly increases the likelihood of adverse events taking place.

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Improving safety at work

Harnessing data's power enables us to tackle the persistent issue of workplace fatalities, foster sustainability, and fulfil our mission of using data for life-saving and world-improving purposes.

Benefits include reducing injuries, cutting costs, protecting stock value, improving company culture, and optimizing preventive investments at minimal expense

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