PRESTO (PREdictive Safety TOol)

As a risk predictive tool PRESTO is the first of its kind

While a number of existing risk tools can help understand the risks and provide STATIC risk assessment based on past occurrences and the typical likelihood/consequence matrix, PRESTO is able to DYNAMICALLY understand risk and, where possible, PREDICT possible events based on a series of attributes which influence the level of risk; then PRESCRIBE what to do (in analytics language from predictive to prescriptive).

PRESTO manages individual workers’ Occupational Health and Safety risks through machine learning algorithms that consider past events – past incidents, training received by the worker, years in the position, etc -, and current attributes (eg weather conditions, physical state of the worker – using wearables – social media interactions – eg what the worker did last night -, implicit risks of an operation, etc).

As a result of this, PRESTO will calculate a numeric risk index. When a certain value threshold is reached, PRESTO will send alerts and recommend actions to prevent incidents when the risk level is deemed too high.


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